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The Solo Project – Basel

In her most recent works titled “Pearls”, Michelle Concepción has made two significant changes. Firstly, she has chosen paper instead of canvas as her support. Additionally, the scale thus the size of the forms has changed. She is still faithful to her “pouring” technique, even though there is only a single oval shape placed in the composition now.

Michelle Concepcion’s new works are riveting in many different ways. They remind us of the building blocks of life, cells with their complex inner workings. What we encounter here are inspired infinite possibilities of the various forms of life, tightly woven intricate structures which can then be seen and understood as a pictorial representation of a micro-landscape.

The paper has an extremely smooth surface which allows her to further explore working with an aqueous medium, in this case ink. By means of particular brush strokes, the diluted ink is applied onto the surface. A special technique prevents the ink from being absorbed into the paper. This, in turn, allows perfectly precise and crisp edges to form. Only within the form, do we discover wafts and drops of color gradients. It is exactly this inner life that is so vivacious and exciting. In an interplay of order and disorder we recognise structures, patterns, enclosures and branching. Colors are constrained to their respective areas, setting marks and accents, and reinforcing the impression of a micro-landscape.
The works appear light as if they were levitating, almost as if they have been detached from the surface of the paper. They are intensely fascinating when observed up close, but their impact is just as impressive from a distance. The artist guides us through variations of rhythms from sheet to sheet, from “Pearl” to “Pearl”, as she has named these precious forms.

Dr. phil. Claudia Giani-Leber



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St. Jakobshalle
Brüglingerstrasse 19-21



15 minutes from Messeplatz to St. Jakobshalle
by Tram No. 14 (direction Pratteln)
A 10 min shuttle-bus service brings you to Art Basel.



Wednesday June 17
Private view by invitation only
10 am – 12 noon
General public
12 noon – 8 pm

Thursday June 18
10 am – 7 pm

Friday June 19
10 am – 7 pm

Saturday June 20
10 am – 7 pm

Sunday June 21
10 am – 5


There is a full colour, well illustrated catalog available for the event, including a four to eight page section for each gallery to collate a record of works presented at the show with added contextual information about each artist.